2021 Flow Cytometry Basics Short Version Audio/Video Recording / Invitrogen Video

2021 Flow Cytometry Data Analysis   Audio/Video Recording

2021 Sensitivity, Voltages, Compensation  Audio/Video Recording


Better visualization of Cytoflex Data in Flowjo

2009 Techniques in Cell Necrobiology
BME 6100 October 2019
HCI Cytoflex LX Default Gains and Scaling


Advanced Flowjo 10-13-20 (tSNE, UMAP etc) Passcode:  m24vnS&8 (the computational stuff starts a 1hr56min)
FluoroFinder Webinars (Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoons)
Flowjo Webinars (Many options but also first Thrusday of the month 11AM)
2014 Invitrogen
2011 Invitrogen

Aurora Training Material

5Laser Fluorchrome Selection Guide
Aurora Software Quick Reference Guide
Cytek Startup Guide
5Laser Spectrum Overlay Exercise
Aurora Spectral Viewer
Aurora Resources
Aurora Presentation UofChicago