It can not be overstated how valuable a face to face conversation can be when initiating a flow cytometry project. This website has some “need to know” information, but please don’t hesitate to contact James Marvin for free consultation.
The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratory offers sample preparation in addition to quantitative, multiparameter fluorescence analysis and cell sorting services. Cell sorting and analysis services are provided by core staff and/or self run options are available 24/7 following appropriate training.

Available Instruments
Cell Sorters:

  • BD FACSAria (5 laser) UV, 405nm, 488nm, 563nm and 635nm lasers, 18 colors, 4 way sort, 96 well single cell sorting
  • BD FACSAria (4 laser)405nm,  488nm, 563nm and 635nm lasers, 16 colors, 4 way sort, 96 well single cell sorting 
  • Propel Labs Avalon 488nm and 563nm lasers, 4 colors, 2 way sort

Traditional Analyzers:

Spectral Analyzers

  • Cytek Aurora  UV, 405nm, 488nm, 563nm and 635nm lasers 30+ colors

Image Cytometers 

Number 1S10OD026959-01A1