I will try and make this brief but there are a lot of details that need explaining. Currently, once a year Flowjo sends me a bill at the end of the billing cycle. This bill shows how many quarters a particular computer was registered with the Utah site license. If you deleted your computer or signed up half way through the year you were only billed a partial amount. Moving forward, billing will happen at the beginning of the year and registrations and authentication of the software will be handled through creating and logging into a “Flowjo Portal” account. I will be sending you an invite through my administrative tools to create your account shortly. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ACTIVATED AND DELETE COMPUTERS WHEN YOU MOVE LABS OR STOP USING FLOWJO. IF YOU DONT, YOUR PI WILL GET BILLED. 

The one really nice feature is that you can have multiple computers or “authorized devices” tied to your account. So you can have an office computer, laptop and home computer all registered but only pay for the equivalent of one computer. I have a feeling this might save a few labs some money. If you are a lab that doesn’t do a lot of flow you can also have a “shared computer”. Everyone in the lab would have to create a portal account to log into the shared computer but your lab would only pay for one computer. (If you think  your lab would like a shared computer, please let me know).

This is going to be a great time to purge all the computers that are getting billed but are not actually getting utilized.

So here is what needs to happen.

  1. Create Flowjo Portal account. I will send you and invite. If you don’t get an invite let me know.
  2. Sign-in to your FlowJo Portal account through my invite and accept the group license invitation by clicking the blue banner/link.
  3. Open FlowJo 10.5.2 or higher and follow the attached PDF instructions for FlowJo sign-in. *Delete your serial number from the serial number field, within the FlowJo license screen before signing in with your username to avoid license confusion.
  4. After you sign-in to FlowJo with your FlowJo Portal username/password, FlowJo will communicate your computers HWA to your FlowJo Portal account. You can manage the computers that your account allows access to via your FlowJo Portal account/Authorized Devices. Each user will be able to access FlowJo on up to 4 computers of their choosing annually one computer at a time.
  5. Enjoy Flowjo

Shared Computers can be used by multiple users, one at a time. The computer holds the license, so any users with a FlowJo Portal account (paid or free) can access FlowJo on said Shared Computer.